Welcome to Cardrop, a fast paced card game. The object of the game is simple: make poker hands and score points. Cardrop takes the simple and addictive gameplay of casual "matching" games and combines it with a poker element. Go for a high score on your own or challenge a friend for two player action!

The goal is to align cards as they drop from the top of the screen in order to make poker hands. The higher the ranking hand, the better the score. Multiple hands can be matched at the same time, increasing the game's strategy and fun. At higher levels, "magnetic" cards appear. These special cards attach themselves to the first poker hand they come into contact with, even if the hand is in mid-air. Players can easily pick up and play Cardrop without any instructions and can play for as long or brief as they want to. The uniquely addictive gameplay, simple controls and family friendly theme make Cardrop a perfect game for all ages. (Best played in High Definition)


Cardrop is not currently available.