What is OneZero?

OneZero is a revolutionary new game set in the style of classic vertical shooters. Currently set for release in the second half of 2008, more information will be made available as development progresses. What makes OneZero so revolutionary? Read on to find out...


Welcome to a New Level of Control

Unlike ordinary shooting games, players control two ships (1 and 0) simulatenously. Controlling two ships at once provides new opportunities as well as new challenges. Keep both ships together and concentrate your firepower, or spread out and cause massive destruction? The choice is yours.


Weapon-Link System

The innovative Weapon-Link system allows players to temporarily combine the powers of both ships to unleash powerful attacks (see figure below). Not only does the strength of the combined attack increase, but the weapons themselves are merged. With over 10 different weapon combinations to choose from, just about any style of play is possible.



OneZero is not currently available.