What is OneZero?

OneZero is a revolutionary new game set in the style of classic vertical shooters. Currently set for release in the second half of 2008, more information will be made available as development progresses. What makes OneZero so revolutionary? Read on to find out...


Welcome to a New Level of Control

Unlike ordinary shooting games, players control two ships (1 and 0) simulatenously. Controlling two ships at once provides new opportunities as well as new challenges. Keep both ships together and concentrate your firepower, or spread out and cause massive destruction? The choice is yours.


Weapon-Link System

The innovative Weapon-Link system allows players to temporarily combine the powers of both ships to unleash powerful attacks (see figure below). Not only does the strength of the combined attack increase, but the weapons themselves are merged. With over 10 different weapon combinations to choose from, just about any style of play is possible.



OneZero is not currently available.


The Squeebles are loose! It is up to you to use your assorted pens to keep them from escaping and infesting the rest of your notebook. It won't be easy though, the Squeebles will do everything they can to avoid your obstacles and make it to the exit.

Squeebles is a casual game which pits the player against a continuous onslaught of intelligent bugs. By interacting with the tiles which make up each level, players can create obstacles to impede the escaping Squeebles.

This initial release of Squeebles runs on the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms using the XNA Game Studio 2.0 framework. It includes 8 levels, concluding with a challenging and fast paced scramble to prevent the final swarm from escaping. (Best played in high definition)


Squeebles is not currently available.


What is Qublix?

Qublix is an evolution of the classic two dimensional sliding tile puzzle (sometimes called the 15-tile puzzle). Instead of having a single, two dimensional puzzle, players are required to complete a sliding tile puzzle on six sides of a three dimensional cube. The edges of each puzzle are shared with the puzzles on each adjacent side. As pieces are moved and aligned on one side, pieces on the adjacent sides will also be moved.


How to Play

Qublix plays just like a typical sliding tile puzzle. Once a puzzle is selected and loaded, a block is chosen at random to be removed (it is called the “space”) and the remaining blocks are moved at random. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the number of random moves.

Each Qublix puzzle contains a picture on each of its six sides. Portions of these pictures are attached to each block. As the blocks are moved around, the picture for that side is mixed up:

Finishing a Qublix puzzle is simple, just complete the picture on each of the six sides. Having all of the pictures completed at the same time is the hard part.



  • Customizable controls.
  • Skinnable interface.
  • 22 challenging puzzles.
  • Low system requirements.



Welcome to Cardrop, a fast paced card game. The object of the game is simple: make poker hands and score points. Cardrop takes the simple and addictive gameplay of casual "matching" games and combines it with a poker element. Go for a high score on your own or challenge a friend for two player action!

The goal is to align cards as they drop from the top of the screen in order to make poker hands. The higher the ranking hand, the better the score. Multiple hands can be matched at the same time, increasing the game's strategy and fun. At higher levels, "magnetic" cards appear. These special cards attach themselves to the first poker hand they come into contact with, even if the hand is in mid-air. Players can easily pick up and play Cardrop without any instructions and can play for as long or brief as they want to. The uniquely addictive gameplay, simple controls and family friendly theme make Cardrop a perfect game for all ages. (Best played in High Definition)


Cardrop is not currently available.